Hoots and Hollers

I’m not big on making blog posts about my life because that’s pretty boring and excessive, but I thought it would be nice to catalog current thoughts and feelings and put it down to pixel paper.

I bought Naked Lunch yesterday on impulse when I saw my university book store had it–my Friday habit is roaming bookshelves and just letting the stuff spark my brain gears–and I’ve gotten about half through it since then.

I’m already a big fan, I love the writing, I love the style, I love the number of fucks given. It’s been inspiring, it’s more of the style I’ve been looking for/writing in, and for some reason I don’t really understand (may even be correlation, not causation), I’ve been feeling super STOKED about my writing.

For the first time in a while I feel like I can really make something, and make something unique and “me” and all that fancy jazz. I think that might stem from an attitude I’ve been trying to pull together–to let the works of others inherently inspire me and make me excited about my own work, which is what I consider inspiration, as opposed to envy and comparison.

But I’ve hit 37K today for Burn-In (I’m also participating in Camp NaNoWriMo for the first time) and I’m a bit blown away, after I’ve realized I’ve only been writing this version for a month exactly. Despite all the ridiculousness that happened there and back, so that’s pretty cool. And I wanted to celebrate that because this is my blog so I get to pat myself on the back.

I feel much closer to really producing the kind of content I’ve always dreamed, and I suppose it’s dawned on me that I’m actually doing that, despite some ridiculous circumstances that have held me back for years and years. So I want to hoot and holler but I’m in the university library right now, and that is not an appropriate setting–so HOOT AND HOLLER–I’m excited to keep going and I’m excited to see my own concepts taking serious shape.

So for all you who’ve read through that block of gibberish, I commend you, but I’d like to say that inspiration is everywhere but you have to listen for it, and we can all benefit from shutting up a bit more. And when we do, our passions begin to speak a little louder.


On that note,
Koel over and out.

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