i don’t like synthesis problems.

what if I wrote a poem a day? but what is something today worth writing about? I wonder

is it


the mess at the apartment that I still haven’t picked up?



flighting desire

not wanting to study organic chemistry and synthesis problems and predict

reactions and the outcomes and the most likely product

the most favored to the least favored the most stable carbocation?


or the things that–I don’t remember actually what was talked about in class today–?


or perhaps the

celebration worthy nap white noise white noise of the air filter a sweater over it though,

just to keep the light out, off away so when I open my eyes it is dark

when I close my eyes it is dark but the sound’s equivalent

of it is not silence one long exhale white noise of that purifier machine

the bright now censored ultraviolet to cleanse the air the white noise the way

the black of sound is not empty white noise no it is full the way the black of lightlessness

is full of standing statue still silent dark figures around your bed–something to

make you stop thinking and focus on

going to sleep?

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