Site Launch

EDIT: I realize I should probably introduce myself to the wordpress community. I’m Koel and I write and draw cyberpunk stuff and it’s been years since I’ve used wordpress, but I’m super happy to get back to it. I write hard sci-fi, psychological horror, and literary, experimental things. I also write poems once in a while.
I’m also an undergrad studying Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and Microbiology, so I love applying stuff I learn in class to my work. Thus naturally, everything I write is cyberpunky and biopunky because those things are awesome.

Even though I don’t have much content, so I am probably a bit ahead of myself here. But either way it feels good to have a new corner of the internet all to myself. Hopefully, in the next few days I will be populating categories with some art and writing.

In other news, I have the first 18k of Burn-In written, I’m super duper excited, but I still need to format that and yadda yadda.