Something a little silly. We had to make up viruses for the virology final essay. Luckily for me I think about these kind of things all the time for M3 worldbuilding. So I decided to write it to fit into the M3 world.

I definitely can’t let a virus go to waste, of course.

I’m always terrified rereading important assignments already turned in, only to find immortalized typos and ridiculous errors.
A year ago I hung up the poster from my first poster-session, so every time I see it I have to look at all the embarrassing little mistakes as a reminder to proof things multiple times. And a reminder of mortal humility.

I must not speak or water will fill my lungs.

The looks are empty.

And the sea is very far away from the shore.

They say we know more about space than
the depths of the ocean

quiet water lapping water
cold dark pressure
raining little bits of
bathypelagic detritus ash

sunless thermal vent life
makes us rethink the order of everything.

What I found there wasn’t what I was
expecting or what I
wanted like nothing I
had ever known,

It’s been a long time since I read books
but it’s been longer since I heard a voice

that sounded human.

I know more about space
than I do the depth


I might be so much bigger than hydrothermal vents–
did they change
what we know? no.

Extremophile, archaea.

Read me my genome.

You’ve never seen me before.


How far it goes.

what they don’t teach you in acid-base chemistry.

i don’t think this is a hunger pain

anymore too late early hour drowning

water wondering it takes what to work,

feed the wrong beast a best

you can do.

better now blown out your tongue taste

isn’t food anymore

tight cramp base bottom of your stomach where

has that even ended up landed

you back at the start old foreign ground.

this isn’t what you think it is,