A B O U T .

A novel detailing the (mis)adventures of Caius and Julius as they decide to leave the wastelands and smuggle themselves into the high-density Night Owl City, where things do not quite go as planned.
Written in serial episodes, no particular publishing schedule. It’s a sorta sci-fi, satire, dark humor, psychological horror kinda thing.

“Well that’s embarrassing.” – Caius
“Wow. It sounds a lot worse when you put it all together.” – Julius


W  T  F .

I’m confused.

Me too.

Uh, I just read you talk about something in the story, and it’s something I know well, but it was portrayed totally wrong and non-realistically.

I try to do thorough research for the story, which dabbles a lot in fields that I’m not entirely familiar with, such as survival skills. I would love to receive some technical feedback in these areas, and aim to make the story as realistic as possible. If you see something that’s totally off, or a loophole, or are entirely skeptical of something, please let me know! I would actually appreciate high scrutiny, and I definitely want to get my science right. You can contact me at ultravirulence@gmail.com. (: